Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CD Rom or Margarine Lid Campfire Craft Contributed by Leanne Guenther

The margarine lid version of this craft is slightly easier than the cd rom version, but both turn out to make a cute campfire that kids can display.  Our favorite part of the craft is walking around outside collecting the twigs and pebbles.


  • old CD rom or margarine container lid
  • small rocks
  • small sticks
  • yellow, red and/or orange tissue paper
  • glue (white school glue not a glue stick)

collect twigs and stonesInstructions:

  • Collect some twigs and pebbles (you can do this during a nature walk).
  • If using a CD Rom, make sure you ask mom or dad if it is ok.  You don't want to accidentally build your campfire on dad's old tunes!

  • cd rom with rocksPour a good amount of glue into the margarine container lid (the lip of the lid will keep the glue from running out.
  • If using a CD Rom, you need to be a bit more careful applying glue to each rock but still use lots.
  • Arrange the rocks in a circle all around the outside of the lid.

  • tissue paperScrunch a bit of tissue paper around the end of a pencil and place it in the center of the lid.
  • Lift the pencil out - this should leave a little "flame" of tissue paper on your lid.
  • Repeat until the center of the lid is full of flames.

  • campfire twigsPut a little glue on each of the twigs and lay them around the tissue paper in a pyramid shape like you would laying out a fire.

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