Monday, May 26, 2014

USA Handprint Wreath

This hand print wreath is a good choice for memorial day, veteran's day or the 4th of July.
It works equally well as a group or family project (with each person contributing a hand print or two) or a solo craft.


  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • red, white and blue paint or construction paper.


  • There are two ways to do this craft.
    • One is to trace the child's hand onto paper and cut out the prints.
    • The second is to make paint hand prints on the paper and cut those out.
  • Make nine hand prints (3 of each color).
  • Cut out the prints and glue to form a wreath.
  • Decorate as desired with flags or poppies from the templates provided or your own photos or drawings.

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